Premio Internacional de Arquitectura Matimex

5th Edition. "Arquitectura Residencial. Espacios de convivencia"

The Matimex International Architecture Prize is an international architecture contest for professionals and students who use Iris Ceramica Group materials to develop a project concept or incorporate use of our materials in a previously prepared project.

In this, the fifth edition, PIAM proposes a reflection on "Residential Architecture: Spaces for Coexistence".

Housing is not only a fundamental human right, it also reflects the society of a country, a city, a neighborhood and even of each individual. Demographic, cultural, economic and environmental diversity echoes in the typologies of housing; the aggregation of dwellings generates the image of the city while each user constructs the personality of his or her own intimate space from the minimum private scale to the global public scale.

As a novelty, and within its corporate social responsibility policy, Matimex will donate an economic amount to the non-profit association Amigos de Nyumbani for each project presented. This year your project, besides being an opportunity for you, will be an opportunity for them.

We await your proposal!

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