Premio Internacional de Arquitectura Matimex

The theme of the Matimex International Architecture Prize, now in its fourth edition, is ComerciARQ. Contemporary Commercial Spaces.

Architecture has always been linked with commerce, from the early market stalls set up in town squares, giving rise to the first bazaars, through to today’s modern shopping malls. Our continually evolving society becomes more and more demanding. Shopping is no longer a matter of simply purchasing a product; today’s shoppers demand a total buying experience. This is why we need a global design that goes beyond the product itself and views it as one with the brand, the space and the sensations it evokes.

This new approach requires evolution of commercial spaces in response to consumers’ new needs. New commercial spaces that respond to the demands of today’s users. The idea is to design a new space or renovate an existing space of one of the types listed below, or based on an idea focusing on the key theme of the contest: “ComerciARQ. Contemporary Commercial Spaces”.

Below is a list of examples to give potential contestants an idea of the kind of project that falls under the contest theme:

  • Places of commerce.
  • Retail spaces.  
  • Wholesale spaces.
  • Temporary stores.
  • Places for the sale of food:
    • Markets, including specialty gastronomic markets and similar places, provided the primary focus is on sale rather than dining on the premises.
    • Renovation of traditional markets.
  • Places for the sale of fashion or accessories.
    • Fashion shops or boutiques.
    • Fashion department stores.
    • Shopping malls.
  • Places for the sale of specialty products:
    • Sporting goods, electronics, books, stationery, jewellery, art, furniture, home decorating items, building materials, cosmetics, etc.
  • Shopping malls.
  • Retail parks.

(*) The contest theme does not include places where the primary focus is on providing a service. Projects for the providing of services will therefore not be taken into consideration: hair and beauty salons, restaurants, medical clinics, or any similar type of facility. Contestants may enter individually or in groups of no more than 5. There is no entry fee. Projects may be submitted online by registering and uploading the material identified in the contest rules, which may be downloaded here. Accredited users will be able to upload the required material in anonymous form.

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