PIAM 2021

Premio Internacional de Arquitectura Matimex

7th Edition. "Therapeutic architecture Designing for healt"

PIAM is an international architecture competition aimed at all professionals who, through the use of Iris Ceramica Group materials, undertake to develop a project idea or present a project designed in advance in which modifications are made with the use of our materials.

In this seventh edition PIAM proposes a reflection on "Therapeutic architecture Designing for health".

The most immediate environment, be it architectural, urban or natural, has a direct impact on the health of the population. To explain the relevance of this statement, it is necessary to understand that health depends on the circumstances that surround people: factors socioeconomic and educational, housing conditions, health services, existence of green spaces; all of them make up the social determinants of health.

Taking into account that health is determined by social circumstances and that health can be gained in addition to losing it, we can open a reflection on two complementary lines of work.

Architecture to regain health. Spaces where the design should counteract feelings such as fear, loneliness and pain. Light, color, natural ventilation, the search for locations that allow views of nature, circulation or scale; architecture as a means to alleviate suffering.

Architecture to increase health. Urban and architectural design as an instrument to generate healthy environments capable of preventing diseases and increasing levels of public health.

To give ideas about some of the typologies, the following list is included as an example:

Architecture to restore health
- Hospitals, clinics, sanatoriums
- Primary care centers
- Specialty centers
- Dental clinics
- Physiotherapy or functional recovery clinics
- Medicalized senior centers
- Alternative therapy centers

Architecture to increase health
- Parks
- Outdoor sports areas
- Sport centers
- Recovery of marginal spaces for social uses
- Citizen or social centers
- Neighborhood centers

We await your proposal!