Matimex International Architecture Prize

The motto of the contest Matimex International Architecture Prize in its eighth edition is «Single family home. The future is today».

Over the last few years, most people’s priorities have been rearranged. One of the most noticeable changes has been the review of our way of living; our house must be flexible, permeable to nature, efficient and respectful of the environment.

Single family homes have a greater capaciy to offer a personalized response to the needs of the users; hence, in this eighth edition we focus on this typology to open a reflection on the direction in which design and construction of this type of housing is heading.

One of the trends is the search for permeability, a constructive but also emotional concept that implies flexibility, openness and exchange with the environment.

«Architecture should not be a thick and rigid wall but a flexible and soft epidermis, lik our skin; that would allow us to exchange informationa with the outside world ». Toyo Ito.

Another trend on the rise is prefabrication, the rationalization in the use of materials and the use of technology and industrial manufacturing systems to generate quality housing in a short time with the added advantage of being recyclable, thus minimizing the environmental impact of construction. We aim at projecting a space or recovering an existing one, whose design is included within one or several of the typologies indicated below, or whose idea revolves around the main theme of the competition « Single family home. The future is today»

The following list is provided as an example of some ideas on some of the typologies framed within this competition motto:
- Semi-detached houses
- Detached houses

*Homes that are part of a multi-family residence are not included.