PIAM 2021

The objective of the Matimex International Architecture Award, in its seventh edition, was to present innovative proposals, proposing a reflection on «Therapeutic architecture. Design for health» Bearing in mind that health is determined by social circumstances and that health can be gained as well as lost, this year we open a reflection on two complementary lines of work:

- Architecture to recover health. Spaces where design should counteract sensations such as fear, loneliness and pain. The light, the color, the natural ventilation, the search for locations that allow views of nature, the circulations or the scale; architecture as a means to relieve suffering. Typologies could be presented such as: hospitals, clinics, sanatoriums, primary care centers, specialty centers, dental clinics, physiotherapy or functional recovery clinics, medicalized elderly centers, alternative therapy centers.

- Architecture to increase health. Urban and architectural design as an instrument to generate healthy environments capable of preventing diseases and increasing public health levels. Typologies could be presented such as: parks, outdoor sports areas, sports centers, recovery of marginal spaces for social uses, citizen or social centers, neighborhood centers...

PIAM proposes to project a space or recover an existing one, whose design is within one or more of the indicated typologies or whose idea revolves around the main theme of the contest.

The jury was made up, once again, of highly prestigious professionals linked to architecture.

The use of products with an Active Surfaces® finish and large-format ceramic sheets was taken into account in the assessment.

The first prize went to "SALUD URBANA, SALUD HUMANA" projected by Antonio Torres Sanz.

The second prize was awarded to "LA PIEL VELADA" performed by Julia Molina Virués and Vicente Pérez Hernández.

Accésit: "STICKS AND STONES" directed by Beatriz Ariño Cabau.
Accésit: "ENTRE RIOS: CENTRO DE RECUPERACIÓN FUNCIONAL" by Bryan Hernández Díaz and Lorenzo Andrés Parra Garcés.
This year, as a novelty, it was considered to make two special mentions to these two projects presented:
"REFLECTING NUCLEOUS. CENTRE FOR TRANSFORMATIONAL WELLNESS" conducted by: Shivani Khond, Durga Vitankar and Shubham Revankar.
"VALENCIA ARENA" made by Carlos Carbonell Leal.

Jury of the 7th edition:

  • Manuel Alberdi. Project Manager in the Bupa Project Development department (Sanitas)
  • Juan-Luis Grafulla. Director and CEO of Matimex
  • Albert De Pineda. Founding partner of Pinearq
  • Federica Minozzi. CEO of Iris Ceramica Group
  • Alberto Jorge Camacho and Jaime López Valdés. Founding members of Chile 15
  • Francisco Ortega Montoliu. General Director of January Architecture
  • Javier Zamorano Serrano. Founder of VIAIV Global Retail Architects