PIAM 2015

The first Premio Internacional de Arquitectura Matimex - Matimex International Architecture Prize – requested submissions of innovative and avant-garde proposals responding to new trends in the hotel sector.

Proposals had to include an overall image for a hotel in relation to its immediate vicinity, as well as detailed plans for one of the spaces in it: hall, restaurant, industrial kitchen, hotel room, suite, conference hall, etc. The project had to incorporate use of Fiandre Iris Ceramica Group materials. In their assessment, the judges gave preference to projects using products featuring the ACTIVE Clean Air & Antibacterial Ceramic finish and large ceramic slabs.

The prizes in the “professionals” category were awarded to:

  • 1st prize: Modulab
    Team: Pablo Saiz Sánchez, Fran Saiz Sánchez, Ana Izquierdo de la Cal, Miriam Gutierrez Fernández and Silvia Torres Gómez.

  • 2nd prize: Martínez Antón, Architects
    Team: Alicia Martínez Antón, Mª Gracia López Patiño, Marta Mares Guijarro, Carlota Hernández Martín and Pablo Morán Martínez.

Special mention:

  • Elena Robles Alonso, Pedro Gambín Hurtado and Magdalena Griñán Egea of Macla Arquitectos S.L.P.
  • Itsaso García Borja and Eva Isusquiza Khanouf

The judges of the first PIAM contest were:

  • Aldo Cingolani. Architect, CEO of Bertone Design.
  • Federica Minozzi. CEO of GranitiFiandre S.P.A.
  • Miguel Ángel Díaz Camacho. Architect, MADC Director and President of ASA.
  • Juan-Luis Grafulla. Matimex Director and General Manager.
  • Pau Batalla Soriano. Architect and cultural spokesperson of CTAC - Colegio Territorial de Arquitectos de Castellón.
  • Ignacio Fernández Sorolla. Associate director of Arup in Spain and Manager of Consultoría de Fachadas.
  • Florentino González Madrid. Head of the Chapman Taylor Department of Interior Architecture.